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NFL Week 11 Picks

The quest to .500 continues.

Brian Bahr

I forgot to do this earlier today, so I don't have my record on the year in front of me, but I am dangerously close to .500 on the season. If you have been following this post all year, you know what a feat that actually is. My picks the first month of the season would have had me homeless if I were actually putting money on them.

I posted my pick for the Thursday night game on Twitter earlier since this post is going up after the game started. I took Buffalo -3. That is looking like a good pick thus far.

Here are the rest of my week 11 picks.

Arizona @ Atlanta -10 1/2

Tampa Bay -1 @ Carolina

Cleveland +9 @ Dallas

Green Bay -3 1/2 @ Detroit

Jacksonville +16 1/2 @ Houston

Cincinnati -3 1/2 @ Kansas City

NY Jets @ St. Louis -3 1/2

Philadelphia @ Washington -3 1/2

New Orleans -4 1/2 @ Oakland

San Diego @ Denver -8 1/2

Indianapolis @ New England -10

Baltimore -3 1/2 @ Pittsburgh