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Exploiting the Mismatch: Locker to Cook GIF'd

Jake Locker completes the pass that Matt Hasselbeck couldn't.

Marc Serota


So there it is. The pass that Matt Hasselbeck couldn't complete that would have won the Colts game and had the Titans at 5-5 heading into the bye week with a reasonable shot that the playoffs. I will say it again, there is no reason for the Titans to not take two or three of these shots per game. Anytime you can create a single coverage situation with Jared Cook and a linebacker or safety a big play should ensue.

Of course if you watched the whole game you know that this is only one side of the proverbial Jared Cook coin. He also dropped a huge third-down pass in this game that would have kept a drive alive.

That inconsistency is part of the reason the Titans and Cook's camp aren't seeing eye to eye on a contract extension. Cook wants to be paid like one of the biggest playmaking tight ends in the league, which he can be, but the Titans want a bit of a discount because of the inconsistency. That leads to a stale mate and probably a franchise tag.