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Warren Moon: An Interview

I had the privilege to interview the Hall of Famer, Warren Moon, as he is being honored on Thursday by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Allstate for as a "Hometown Hall of Famer" for his high school in Los Angeles, Hamilton High School.

Robin Marchant

First, I'd like to apologize to Warren (as he said I could call him) for not recording the interview; thus, I had to take quick notes, which hopefully won't slaughter his answers with paraphrase.

Warren was very cool in the 15 minutes that I was able to talk to him. He was very nice and was interested in me. I began the conversation by congratulating him and telling him a little about myself; however, he already knew that I was a blogger for the Tennessee Titans. It was cool that he cared about me enough to bring that up. I told him of an interview that I have with Kendall Wright on Tuesday, and he told me that Kendall is a really good young player (Sorry for no exact words. I failed, MCM).

Me: What was it like playing high school football in Los Angeles?

Moon: It was very competitive. I played against some of the best and with some of the best. It forced you to play at your best.

Me: What were your thoughts when you were told that you had been inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in your first year of eligibility?

Moon: It was a very emotional moment. It brought my emotions out. It was the pinnacle of my career.

Me: What was your favorite achievement?

Moon: The Pro Football Hall of Fame. Like I said, it was the pinnacle of my career. I reached the highest point. I'm in a select group of guys. (He was saying this in a very honored way, not an arrogant way whatsoever. I just didn't get down the words).

What was your favorite game?

That's a tough question. -laughs- I played in over 300 games. But my favorites would have to be championship games in Canada. The game where I passed for 500 yards was a big honor too.

Speaking of Canada, what were the biggest differences between the CFL and the NFL?

The field is bigger being 120 yards, there is 12 guys on the field, it was faster paced, and it was more challenging.

Which did you prefer playing in, Canada or America?

I preferred playing in America because the best players were there. And that's why I came back down to America to play.

Today's NFL is more based around the passing game. You broke 4,000 yards three times in your career, but how would have liked to have played in today's NFL?

I'd love to play. I love to throw that ball. The quarterback is better protected and the game is geared to the passing game.

Do you think you could have shattered some records?

I could have. I don't think I would have been going for breaking records, but I could have. I think three guys broke the record last year. It's an evolving game, and I would have loved to play in the league.

Do you think the run-and-shot offense could work today?

Well, what you're seeing now are more of spread offenses. There are these hybrid tight ends like Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski. It's not just about the wide receivers any more. The quarterback has more options.

Do you have any crazy memories of Mr. Bud Adams?

-laughs- He is unusual. He's a great owner, has great passion, and he took great care of me. I have nothing negative to say about him. But he was a colorful character.

What are you up to now?

I'm color commentating for the Seattle Seahawks. I also host the 5th Quarter show in Seattle, And also I am in sprts marketing. And I'm watching a lot of football.

You went to 9 Pro Bowls. What was your favorite thing about Hawai'i?

It was getting to spend time with my family. It was a great time after having a long season of football with being away and practices. It was a good time to be with the family in the sunshine, beach and water. It's a beautiful place.

You and Jake Locker have a lot in common (both are former QBs for the Washington Huskies). What are your favorite aspects of him?

He's a really good athlete. He's got a strong arm. He's tough and strong. He can run, throw on the run, pass in the pocket.

And what's your Super Bowl prediction?

It's too early for me to call that. The league changes so much, like with the Giants last year coming in late.

I congratulated Warren on his accomplishments, and he wish me the luck with my future. I wish I hadn't been as nervous as I was, but he was really cool. He was really nice and seemed like a great guy and family man.