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What Do You Do With Chris Johnson Now?

Chris Johnson is due a big roster bonus in March. Will the Titans pay it?

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Chris Johnson has pretty much returned to form over the last month. That is a big surprise considering how bad he was last year and in the first four games of this season. Back then there was a 0% chance that the Titans were going to pay him the big roster bonus he is due in March. Has that changed?

In my opinion, the Titans could get very similar production to what they have gotten over the past month from a running back that wold come much cheaper than what they will have to pay CJ next season. We have seen examples all around the NFL of running backs that come out of nowhere to be very effective.

The flip side of the argument is that the salary cap floor goes into effect for the first time next season. The Titans are going to have to spend money on somebody, and it might be better to spend it on CJ instead of overpaying a guy that really isn't good. While CJ isn't ever truly going to be CJ2K again, he has shown that he is still in the top tier of backs in the league.

With all of that being said, do you think they should pay CJ all of that money for 2013?