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Titans vs. Dolphins: Three Things to Watch on Defense

Three things to watch from the Titans defense against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Rick Stewart
Can we stop anyone? -

This team has consistently not been able to stop anyone on defense this season, and that isn't going to magically change when they visit Miami Sunday.

Sorry folks, I'm majorly down on this team and it starts with the defense. The unit as a whole has not played well together, and that will continue when we make the 2012 Miami Dolphins offense look like first ballot pro bowlers. You really think we will limit Reggie Bush this weekend? Forget about it.

Reggie Bush -

Speaking of Bush.

Running back/Wide receiver/ whatever you want to call him will be a tough nail to hammer down Sunday. Much like CJ, he is pretty much their offense and will make life miserable for a team the refuses to wrap up......

Do not underestimate Ryan Tannehill -

Tannehill is one of the better rookie quarterbacks this season, in case you missed it. He and Andrew Luck (who picked us apart a couple of weeks ago) had a duel last week and Tannehill held his own.

Overall, if you go into Miami and underestimate this team and give Tannehill's receiving options free releases (like we see 99% of the time) they will chew this defense up and spit them out and then the dumpster will catch all of Baptist Sports Park on fire.

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