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Titans vs. Dolphins: Three Things to Watch on Offense

Three things to watch from the Titans offense on Sunday against the Dolphins.

Joe Murphy

Jake Locker -

The much anticipated return of #10 is really the only thing we have to look forward to for the rest season. I'm interested to see how he plays Sunday. I'm not concerned about his presence in the huddle, however, I hope his mechanics have improved since the last time we saw him on the field.

CJ -

Miami doesn't have a defense like the Chicago Bears, but they have been very solid. Chris Johnson has turned his career around. We are no longer talking about shipping Johnson to the Cardinals for a bag of footballs, and I personally couldn't be more happy with his production after the bad start earlier this year.

Lets be honest, until someone proves otherwise CJ is THE playmaker on offense. Others need to take note and step up their play, especially since we have the youngster back under center.

Play calling -

Last weeks play calling might be the worst I've ever seen. We will have to see how Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer tweaks the scheme now that Jake Locker has returned- another performance like last week and I will personally drive down to BSP with a torch and pitchfork.

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