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Talk Titans Tonight on MCM Radio Live

Show starts at 9:00 Central, sharp

Frederick Breedon

Huzzah! It's time once again for another live, full-length episode of MCM Radio. Tonight at 9:00 Jimmy, Dan and myself will talk about all things Titans, including the loss to the Colts, Jared Cook's future with the Titans, Leroy Harris getting hurt right after he finally learned how to play at a decent level and my favorite stat of the week: Guess who is leading the NFL in rushing over the past 5 weeks? That's right, Mr. CJ2K.

We'll also be taking callers later in the show, so get your questions ready and come at us with some energy. We may be in a deeper hole after Sunday, but there's plenty of reason to believe this team will get better... at least there's enough reason left for me to be optimistic.

So be there at 9:00 to join in the chat room fun and get the call-in number. If you can't make it for the live show, you can download the show through iTunes in podcast form (including our entire back catalog, btw) or stream it at the show page on BlogTalkRadio.