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Week 9 NFL Picks

You can take these picks against the spread to the bank.

Scott Cunningham

Last week was my second in a row over .500 with an 8-6 mark. That brings my season record to 46-66-5. That is obviously not really where I wanted to be at this point, but a few more strong weeks and at least that number will be respectable by the end of the season. Of course it could also go the other way....

I trust that oilertitan has spent the whole day refreshing MCM to see when this post comes out so he can post his commentary, which by the way is excellent every week.

Kansas City @ San Diego -7

Denver -3 1/2 @ Cincinnati

Baltimore -3 1/2 @ Cleveland

Arizona @ Green Bay +12 1/2

Buffalo +11 1/2 @ Houston

Miami @ Indianapolis +1 1/2

Detroit -4 @ Jacksonville

Chicago -3 1/2 @ Tennessee

Carolina +3 1/2 @ Washington

Tampa Bay +1 @ Oakland

Minnesota @ Seattle -4

Pittsburgh @ NY Giants -4

Philadelphia @ New Orleans -3