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What Did You Expect?

If anyone in Tennessee Thinks this guy is a valid option at tailback, we don't deserve to win games.


Let's face it, the Titans have the worst defense in the NFL, an offense built to throw downfield being ran by a quarterback who can only throw an accurate ball under 20 yards and our franchise quarterback is sidelined. Does anyone seriously expect anything less?

The fan in me wants to say that we now have a run game and our offense can keep up with anyone in the league, but the realist in me knows otherwise. We have a myriad of offensive weapons, but without Jake under center we won't see them make a difference. Not to mention this offense refuses to consistently move the ball without shooting themselves in the foot with holding penalties, drops and poor execution.

I know Locker isn't some magical answer to save our season, but if you saw this team last year you know where our peak is with Hasselbeck under center. We are, at best, a 9 win team capable of feasting on the lower level of the NFL- but at our worst, we are downright terrible.

That's without even mentioning our piss-poor defense who can pretty much make any opposing quarterback look like Aaron Rodgers. The sad part is, as a fan you want to say this group will eventually get it together. That's what they said about the Eagles last season, we know how that ended. This defense is bad. Jerry Gray has no idea what he is doing out there and has elected to select play calls like a game of minesweeper desperately trying to avoid the bomb that ends the game. Designed to prevent big plays, we instead allow offenses to kill us with small ones ("Killing me softly" seems to be an accurate depiction). Even with fan-favorite Colin McCarthy out there, we are terrible. There is no bright spot, no quick fix. We just downright stink.

But what do you guys expect? For the team to somehow put on a magical run and miss the playoffs by 1 game ala 2006, 2009 and 2010? Where has that gotten us? We end strong and go into next season with high hopes only to fall flat on our faces once again. Yet we cry out, "why don't we get any TV time." This is why folks. If you ask me, I say just ride out the storm. Don't bring back Jake until he's 100%. See what we have in some of the younger guys like Sensabaugh and Campbell (Anyone other than Nick Harper Ryan Mouton is acceptable). With this defense we won't stand a chance against the Texans or Ravens in the playoffs anyways.

The Titans have finally improved the offense to near elite potential, but despite the league moving away from the "defense wins championships" moniker that so many remember, we are instead learning that defenses can certainly lose them. And that's what is happening. At best this is currently a mediocre football team. Though the stache is gone, the Titans still remain. A group with tons of potential who continue to find ways to lose game after game. Until this team escapes that label, expect nothing more that heartbreak. We simply aren't ready to compete.