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Reason to Celebrate: Brett Kern Leads NFL in Net Punt Average

Yep. That is all we have at this point.

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I said this on Twitter earlier today, the only coach who has been good so far this season is Alan Lowry. The Titans have scored almost as many touchdowns on special teams as they have on offense*, and Brett Kern is currently leading the NFL in net punt average (44.5). The only thing that has gone right for this team so far this year is special teams.

It is still funny to me that the power struggle between Jeff Fisher and Floyd Reese started because Reese wanted Lowry fired. The story goes that Fisher went behind Reese's back to Bud Adams and convinced him to keep Lowry on the staff. Things were never the same after that.

Here we are years later and Lowry is the only one of that group that is still with the franchise. It is just funny how these things play out over the course of time.