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Titans vs. Vikings Defensive Snap Report

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

Defensive Line

Well there was a DaJohn Harris sighting in this game. He was in for three snaps. Kamerion Wimbley played 61 of 69 snaps (Hey Pratt- Which number is bigger? 71 or 69?). Derrick Morgan was next with 56 ineffective snaps. Jurrell Casey led the defensive tackles with 49 snaps. The rest of the rotation played out like this- SenDerrick Marks 39, Mike Martin 31, Pannel Egboh 17 and Karl Klug 16.


Akeem Ayers was on the field for 63 plays to lead the linebackers. Colin McCarthy, who hopefully escaped healthy, played 60 snaps. Zach Brown was next with 38 snaps. He has apparently stepped forward as the third linebacker. Hopefully that is a good thing. Zac Diles was in on just 9 snaps after playing a career high last week. Will Witherspoon didn't play a single snap on defense.


Jason McCourty and Jordan Babineaux played 66 snaps to lead all defenders. Alterraun Verner was just behind him with 64. Michael Griffin played 59 and missed 74 tackles. Ryan Mouton played 31 and got run over by Percy Harvin. Robert Johnson saw 22 snaps while Al Afalava played 4 snaps and Coty Sensabaugh played 3. Tommie Campbell also played four snaps after being on a defensive milk carton for the first month.