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Will the Titans Win Another Game This Season?

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

This team has broken my spirit. I have been sitting here for an hour trying to figure out what to write about today's disaster in Minnesota, and I have nothing. I just cannot figure out how this is pretty much the same team that won 9 games last year. Sure, they were lucky to win a couple of those games, but this team looks like one win might be all that they get.

Who are they going to beat? I have been assuming they will get at least two wins in four games against the Colts and Jaguars, but why? If I am being honest with myself, I haven't seen anything from this team that leads me to believe they can beat anyone with a pulse.

Matt Hasselbeck said after the game that he knows they can fix it. I am glad he does because all I can see is a team that is way outmatched by everyone on both sides of the ball. The defense can't stop the run, can't stop the pass and can't tackle anyone that has the ball, ever.

The offense might have trouble moving the ball against air. Remember this summer when we thought that they wouldn't have any trouble scoring points with all of these weapons? What were we smoking? That seems almost as foolish as getting excited about Randy Moss coming here a couple of years ago.

Obviously this post is all negative, but I cannot find one thing to be positive about from this team. I have to call it like I see it.