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Recap: Titans Lose to Vikings

... And look awful doing it.

Adam Bettcher - Getty Images

Not much positive to take away from this one. The Titans got completely killed on offense, squandering 3 decent quarters of defensive play. With Hasselbeck in for Locker, we were forced to watch a dink and dump gameplan that failed to even dink. This was a painful reminder that you need two good QBs in this league, and the Titans barely have one.

This is going to be an ugly week for Munchak, and if Locker can't get on the field and be effective on Thursday, it might be the worst month any Titans fan has seen.

Also, you can bet we've seen Javon Ringer's last carry as a Titan. I expect to see Jamie Harper get lots of carries as the coaches try to decide if he's the answer at RB after we jettison CJ in March.