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Titans vs. Vikings: Jordan Babineaux Picks Ponder

Sean Gardner - Getty Images

The Titans defense has come up big on the last two possessions with an interception by Robert Johnson right before halftime, and an interception from Jordan Babineaux on the Vikings first offensive drive of the second half. The guys at the Midday 180 here in Nashville are pumped because Babs promised them he would give them the football if he got an interception in the game today.

Unfortunately the Titans offense still hasn't shown up in this game today. They have been handed good field position multiple times today and have not been able to do anything with it. Some people were suggesting that Matt Hasselbeck might come in and show that the coaching staff made the wrong decision to go with Jake Locker coming out of training camp. So far, it looks like it was a no-brainer for the staff to go with Locker. Hasselbeck looks like he is done- of course he isn't getting much help.