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Vikings Take Early 7-0 Lead on Titans

Grant Halverson - Getty Images

The Titans looked good on the first defensive series of the game, but after squandering good field position on offense, they went back to their typical bad defense. Alterraun Verner gave up a 45-yard bomb to Percy Harvin, and the rest of the defense still looked like they were allergic to tackling.

The touchdown came on a Percy Harvin run where both Michael Griffin and Ryan Mouton had a shot to bring Harvin down before he crossed the goal line, but instead of making a good form tackle, they decided to go for the big hit. Both guys ended up on the ground and Harvin walked into the end zone to get the Vikings on the board.

The Titans have done a good job on Adrian Peterson thus far, but it isn't going to matter if the secondary doesn't find a way to cover and tackle. Honk if you have heard that one before..