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Titans vs. Vikings: Three Things to Watch on Defense

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images
Here are three things to watch from the Titans defense against the Vikings.

1. Colin McCarthy:

McCarthy has been practicing off and on all week but is expected to play against Minnesota. Will Witherspoon has been flat out terrible in place of #52 which caused Zac Diles to see more playing time last weekend.

I'll take McCarthy over the other two in a heart beat. He has proved to be a difference maker and changes the face of this defense. Hopefully he doesn't have any more setbacks this season.

2. Defensive line:

Although they were able to limit Foster and Tate last weekend, the defensive line had ZERO pressure on Houston's quarterback. (I'm intentionally leaving out his name)

Things are going to have to change against the Vikings. Ponder is hobbled and the line needs to take full advantage of that fact. Put some pressure on him and make him look as though he is a second year starter- no pressure, no win in my opinion.

3. Someone stop the TE:

All hands on deck! Somebody, anybody, please stop Kyle Rudolph.

It's a known fact the Tennessee cannot stop any tight end of any caliber. Rudolph is a real weapon on this Vikings team and gets into rhythm quickly when he sees consistent targets. That's really bad news for the Titans because everyone and their brother knows they can't cover anyone over the middle. We will see what Gray has planned this far, fail across the board.