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Titans at Vikings: Five Dynamic Players

Our beloved Tennessee Titans are in a bit of a pickle with the 1-3 start. They head into Minnesota on Sunday without our field commander, Jake Locker. For this team to succeed, five players must step up and perform to the best of their ability. I'm doing this special five player edition because this game will be dependent on more than just three players.

Bob Levey - Getty Images

1. Kendall Wright

Anyone that's been watching the Titans this season can see that Jake Locker gives the Titans a better chance of winning than Matt Hasselbeck; however, Jake cannot play against Minnesota due to his injury. With that in mind, the Titans will have to plan on winning with the Matt Hasselbeck strategy. The former Seahawk showed in Houston that he likes to pass to Kendall Wright, who dropped three passes. Kendall has to keep his head in the game so that Matt will have that safe option to pass to in order for the Titans to pick up as many yards, have as much time of possession, and avoid as many three-and-outs as possible. Look for more screen passes to Kendall Wright, who will step up against the Minnesota defense.

2. Michael Roos

Michael Roos is not a player that we typically criticize; however, the pass blocking of this line as a whole is not at the level we expect of it. The blame should not all fall upon him, but when pass blocking, the left tackle should always be the most trustworthy player. Matt Hasselbeck has to be able to trust his offensive line so that he can let loose and try to make the biggest plays possible. Michael also has to run block with the best of his ability for another player...

3. Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson had an amazing game against a stellar Houston defense. How this happened is beyond me, but it did happen. If he can break out against Houston, he can definitely have a great game against the Minnesota defense. He has to do this so that the offense does not rely of Hasselbeck; furthermore, with the run game gelling, the Titans will be able to hold onto the ball longer, keeping it out of Adrian Peterson's hands.

4. Jurrell Casey

Jurrell Casey had an amazing game against Arian Foster and the Texans. He was one of my dynamic players last week, and he succeeded. Now #99 is going up against another one of the greatest running backs in the league- Adrian Peterson. He has to be able to treat Peterson as he did Foster and stop the run game as efficiently as possible.

5. Michael Griffin

Tight ends are having field days against the Titans, who are currently en-route to break the record for most allowed points in a season. This failure to prevent scoring is immediately put onto the safeties, the goal keepers of the end zone. Michael Griffin isn't all to blame because he isn't the one that's always responsible for guarding the tight ends, but he has the ability and potential to be a Pro Bowl safety. If he can show his playmaking ability of 2008 against Christian Ponder, the Titans will be able to return back to Nashville with the win and momentum in their favor.