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NFL Looking Into Titans DC Jerry Gray's Comments

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Bob Levey - Getty Images

August linked an article this morning from Jim Wyatt in the Tennessean where Jerry Gray made some comments about how he wanted his defense to play tougher. PFT started a big stink about it earlier today, and now the NFL is looking into the comments according to Jim Wyatt. Here is Gray's quote:

"If you are worrying about that, you are not going to go out and try and blow the guy up," Gray said Thursday. "Great football players have to put that out of their mind. You have to say, ‘This is my territory between the numbers, and if you throw the football you better bring the Gator truck.’ And that’s how you have to play. You can’t play timid in the NFL."

Should Gray be smarter than to say something like that in today's NFL, especially when he coached under Gregg Williams? Yes. Is that quote something the NFL should spend any time looking into? Absolutely not.

I really don't understand why they would look into this unless something actually happened on the field, and with the way this defense has been playing, there is nothing to worry about there.