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Titans vs. Vikings: Three Things to Watch on Offense

Bob Levey - Getty Images

1. Matt Hasselbeck:

Matthew didn't look so great against the Texans last week even with Damian Williams and Taylor Thompson didn't help matters much.

The Titans offensive line is going to have to find a way to keep Hasselbeck clean in the pocket against a stout Vikings defensive front. That could be trouble. On the same hand, Hasselbeck is going to have to be wise in his decision making. Do not turn the ball over and give away unnecessary points. I hope he will not attempt the deep ball unless a receiver is WIDE open...

2. The run game:

CJ and the offensive line showed up in a pretty big way last weekend in Houston. Can they do it again? The scheme was there and the line was actually able to provide Johnson with some room. They now need to show some consistency and be able to accomplish this feat on a weekly basis.

Running the ball against Minnesota is not going to be an easy task. They currently rank 2nd against the run, behind only San Francisco.

3. Playmakers:

It doesn't look like Kenny Britt will play again this Sunday, so it is up to Kendall Wright and Nate Washington to provide a spark. Wright had a lackluster performance a week ago. I am interested to see how he bounces back and how he is able to adjust to having Hasselbeck at the helm.

Craig Stevens is becoming more of an offensive weapon outside of the run game, and we are now seeing the Titans roll with more two tight end sets. I believe either Stevens or Cook will have a big game in this one.

Question: Who is more likely to be on the roster in 2013? Kenny Britt or CJ if you can only pick one?