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The Titans and Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

A look at where the Titans rank in various power rankings around the web.

Frederick Breedon

I miss the days when smash was in charge of the weekly power rankings post because back then it got done every single week. Jommy is not nearly as good at keeping up with that post. However, today is a new day, and we are going to look at power rankings.

The funny thing is that no one has any idea how to rank all of the teams in the middle of the league.

SB Nation- #22:

Chris Johnson now has three games in a row with 90 rushing yards or more. He is averaging 4.5 yards per carry, his best number since 2009. The rest of the Titans are mostly a mess, especially on defense where the team has allowed opponents to score 30 points or more in six of eight games.

ESPN- #27

After saving their season with back-to-back wins, the Titans slipped into third place by losing to the Colts.

PFT (who did an exercise naming the mid-season MVP for each team including a terrible pick for the Titans)- #28

Matthew Hasselbeck, because he has shown that he can still help a team win.

FOX (I hate Brian Billick)- #28

The Titans gave up their season low in points, but the 19 they allowed was still more than the 13 they scored.

CBS- #23

When Jake Locker is healthy, he should play even if Matt Hasselbeck is playing well. This isn't a playoff team.