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Titans QB Jake Locker Has A Fractured Shoulder

Jake Locker has a fractured shoulder. It seems like the team should have released this information before last Friday.

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Bob Levey

So I got on the site tonight and saw that Terry McCormick had written a story about Jake Locker having a fracture in his shoulder. I thought it was really impressive that McCormick finally broke a story until I pulled up Jim Wyatt's Twitter feed and he had tweeted a story he wrote last Friday about Locker having a fracture in his shoulder. I only have myself to blame for not seeing that story earlier.

Here is a quote from Mike Munchak in Jim Waytt's story:

"When it popped out, it fractured the bone in the front of the shoulder, and that is the part we are waiting to heal completely," Munchak said. "It is more about the bone than the shoulder, and you have to be smart about it. If it was up to Jake, he’d be playing Sunday, but he won’t do that until doctors clear him. The bone is not going to heal as well if he keeps getting hit."

This really clears up why it is taking Locker so long to get back in the line-up because, in the words of Gramsey via text message to a source close to MCM, "A fractured shoulder is a lot worse than a dislocation." I have now broken a story McCormick style.

Now I am 100% sure there is no shot we see Locker before the bye week. What I don't understand is why we are just now hearing about this. It seems like it would have made it a lot easier on everyone if Munchak would have just announced that from the beginning, but what do I know?