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Matt Hasselbeck Titans Starter Until Further Notice

It is really starting to sound like we won't see Jake Locker again until after the bye week.

Scott Cunningham

Mike Munchak announced today that Matt Hasselbeck is going to be the Titans starter again this week against the Bears. Munchak said it is a matter of Jake Locker being medically cleared for a full contract practice- which he has not been. Clearly this injury is more serious than we were initially led to believe.

It is looking more and more likely that we will not see Locker under center again until after the week 11 bye. If the Titans drop another couple of games, it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and let Locker get the surgery on his shoulder and see what Rusty Smith has to offer. They have to find out eventually if he can be a serviceable back-up QB in the league, and it sure looks like this season isn't going anywhere.

Other notes:

-Kenny Britt had an MRI on his knee today, but Munchak said he has an MRI on his knee every week. It sounds like he will be good to go Sunday.

- He didn't really comment on the Jared Cook trade request story.

-Roos should be good to go Sunday.

-The Titans had two plays with ten men on the field on defense. That is awesome.

-Zach Brown is now the nickel linebacker. Akeem Ayers will be used more in rush situations. He did have a sack in the game yesterday. Of course with the way they have run guys in and out this year, that could change before tomorrow.