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Titans TE Jared Cook's Agent Asking for a Trade (Maybe)

Jim Wyatt says that Jared Cook's agents have requested a trade.

Scott Cunningham

I have to admit that I am pretty furious as I type this right now. There will be yelling about this on MCM Radio tomorrow night at 9 central. Jim Wyatt has just said on Twitter that indications are Jared Cook's agent has asked the Titans for a trade. Of course that doesn't mean the Titans have to trade him, and they would be incredibly stupid to trade him, but it does mean this is Cook's last season as a Titan if things don't change.

The NFL is all about drafting playmakers and then signing them to long-term contracts after their rookie contracts play out. That is how you build a successful franchise. The Titans clearly have a playmaker in Cook, but for some reason they cannot figure out how to use him.

And don't give me the maybe he doesn't understand the offense enough. There are things they can do to get him involved in the game plan even if he cannot get the offense 100%. Chris Palmer clearly is not going to do that, but don't put all of the blame for this on Palmer. Mike Munchak is the head coach. He should be telling Chris Palmer that he wants to see 10 plays in every game plan that are designed to get Cook the ball.

The bigger problem here is that Cook is clearly not happy with the franchise. That almost guarantees that he is not going to sign an extension with the Titans before the season is over. The front office has now lost any shot they had at locking him up at a team-friendly deal. He is going to hit the open market, and we all know what happens when guys from the Titans hit the open market.