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Tennessee Titans Daily Links: Blame Game Edition

All the Titans news that's fit to link.

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Scott Cunningham

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Munchak didn't beat around the bush when it came to the fumble the referees erased late in the game, which was just a tic worse than the blown hands to the face call, which almost made me forget calling Martin for lining up offsides and negating yet another fumble that happened so long after two awful offensive pass interference calls. Long story short: I miss the replacement refs after watching that display.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Paul K takes to task the one unit on this defense we had some faith in, the DTs:

Entering the game, the Colts had the fewest rushing yards up the middle in the league -- 171. Colts running backs combined on 13 rushes for 79 yards and a touchdown on rushes between the guards Sunday, with eight rushes and 37 yards coming in the fourth quarter and overtime.

In their first six games, they averaged 3.1 yards on such runs. Against the Titans they boosted that number all the way to 6.1. In their first six games, they had four runs of 10 yards or more on such carries. Against the Titans they had three.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 One guy who deserves a lot more credit than he'll get for his performance on Sunday is Michael Griffin. As awful he's been for the past two years, Sunday might have been the best game of Griff's career. Here's how PFF described it:

Usually in these columns you can count of seeing Griffin panned for another missed-tackle strewn performance. After the Week 5 loss to the Vikings, Griffin had already missed 12 tackles this season and was on course for an awful season grade, sitting at -15.5 at that stage. However, since then Griffin has missed only a further two tackles and this week, with a little more luck, might have been responsible for three turnovers in the game. Griffin laid out for his sole turnover, an interception of Luck midway through the third quarter, but also forced two fumbles early in the game and took points off the board with a blocked field goal on the final play of the first half. This has been a largely torrid season for Griffin, but it only seems fair to give him his due when he comes up with an exceptional performance, as he did against the Colts. With a few kinder bounces of the football it might even have been a match-winning performance.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Keep a close eye on Leroy Harris' knee injury from Sunday, because if he can't go we could finally get a chance to see what Kevin Matthews is capable of as a starter.