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Colts vs. Titans: You Make the Call

Would you have tried the long field goal late in the fourth quarter?

Scott Cunningham

Mike Munchak had an interesting decision to make late in the fourth quarter of yesterday's game. The Titans faced a 4th and 9 from the Colts' 41 yard line with 1:07 left in a tie ball game. Their was a very strong wind at the Titans back, and there is no doubt that Rob Bironas has the leg to make the kick.

The problem is that if Bironas misses the kick, the Colts would get the ball at their 48 yard line with about a minute left on the clock. That would have been plenty of time for Andrew Luck to gain the 30 or so yards he would have needed to set up an Adam Vinatieri game-winning field goal attempt.

Munchak elected to punt, and Brett Kern hit a nasty knuckleball that the Colts return man wanted no part of. The Titans downed the ball at the 6-yard line. They could have gotten the ball back with a little bit of time and a short field if the defense could have stopped Donnie Avery(!) from converting a 3rd and 5.

I can't fault Munchak for either decision there. The choice he made very easily could have ended up being the right one, and the defense's lack of ability to get a stop there shows you why he didn't try the field goal, but what would you have done?