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Titans Lose to Colts 20-13 in Overtime

Either the replacement referees snuck into LP Field or they just really like Andrew Luck.


The Titans suffered a big loss to the Colts putting them at 3-5 with playoff hopes dwindling. Here are a few quick thoughts:

-Chris Johnson is most certainly back. He has discovered that good things happen when you run fast through big open spaces.

-The Titans need to cut Jamie Harper. I have said this since he was drafted. He will not give us that smash and dash backfield because he runs like 2009 Lendale White- too many moves. His goal line runs are flukes and any touches he gets outside the 1-yard line are wasted plays.

-Matt Hasselbeck is a really good quarterback and this loss is not all on him., but this offense is limited in what they can do with him under center. If Locker started this game, I have 100% confidence they would have won by two touchdowns. His mobility and down field accuracy are the biggest factors. Though he was pretty solid all game long, that missed touchdown to Cook was huge and he nearly ended the game early on a near-pick. Munchak and crew would be crazy to make more excuses to sit Locker. This is his team and if they are going to do anything this season, it will be with him under center.

-The receivers are really good.

-Lavelle Hawkins caught a pass.

-On defense, they have a handful of bright spots but need to look for help in the off-season. The secondary beyond McCourty and Verner is just horrible. Why Mouton is out there I don't know. He is so bad, like Nick Harper bad.

-The defensive line is inconsistent and as much as I like Casey, Martin and Klug., the team must find a stud lineman to bolster our interior and help against the run.

-Wimbley and Morgan are becoming a really good tandem.

-The referees were horrible today. They were fine in calling Kenny Britt for an offensive pass interference early in the game, but completely dropped the ball on the touchdown catch. I don't understand how the official right by the play can call a touchdown as he didn't fall for the flop, but an official 3 miles away can step in to change the call. And as for that horrible missed fumble, the refs claim forward progress was stopped, which is why there was no review, but in re-watching the play you hear no whistle until the ball is out. The play should have been reviewed and reversed, ending the game.

The Titans luckily are in the AFC and are not completely out of the hunt, but they can't continue to drop games they should win. This loss hurts, and it's up to the team to decide how they respond.