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Colts vs. Titans: 3 Things to Watch on Defense

Three things to watch from the Titans defense against the Colts.

Rick Stewart
Colin McCarthy -

#52 returns to the fold this week, that's good news. Our defense still stinks up the joint when he is in there but they don't look like a complete train wreck when he decides to play. Maybe they do.....what do I know?

I'm interested to see how he is going to play Sunday. He has been up and down from an injury standpoint this season but should be effective in shutting down the Colts pathetic rushing offense.

Michael Griffin -

How many points will Griff's putrid play cost us this week? Will he get benched after giving up two touchdowns to Reggie Wayne? Probably not.

The safety play on this team is just so bad that we might as well field nine players on defense. I'm not going out on a limb here. We stink and Michael will come back to haunt us this Halloween season much like another Michael does this time of year. He just won't go away....

The 12th Man -

Golden Grams, Jimmy, August and myself will be representing the MCM nation at LP field this Sunday. That being said, we lost every game that I attended last season so don't hate if we are 3-5 after the contest. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to drink multiple beers and watch football with August West.

I know a few people around there so maybe we can get some screen time with some LWSS action or something close to that effect.