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Colts vs. Titans: 3 Things to Watch on Offense

Three things to watch from the Titans offense in this game.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Matt Hasselbeck -

Old man Hasselbeck has been a field general and returned to his 2011 form the last two weeks, that's good to see considering how we felt about him not even a month ago.

The main question around these parts is, can he keep it up? The honest truth is this, he's getting older now and he doesn't quite have the arm strength he used to, who would? Listen, this offense has clearly been "better" under Hasselbeck and should continue to be adequate against a piss poor Colts team, the receivers just look more comfortable with him in the fold and he seemingly fits the scheme more so than Locker.

Everyone is going to have to make their own opinions on which they feel is more important, a possible wild card berth or getting Jake more reps and the the possibility of the offense being less effective. I'm all in for the "Jake Locker FTW" campaign but I want to win games first and am on board with whoever gives us the best chance to win.

CJ Back! CJ Back! -

That's right, CJ back and he looks like he is evolving into his old self. That trend should continue this week against a Colts team that would probably give up points against a team composed of MCMers.

CJ may have carved up the historically bad Bills defense but Indy isn't exactly lighting the world on fire. CJ's confidence is at the boiling point, you can tell by the little bit of pop in his step and that will do nothing but continue to progress him back into stardom.

Kenny Britt -

This is it ladies and gentlemen, Kenny Britt's breakout game is upon us. You could see him taking steps forward the last few weeks, however, he seemingly disappeared at times against the Bills. This along with the Colts defense being awesomely sucky are ingredients for the perfect storm, Hurricane Britt.