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Week 8: Predictions From The Contributors and Dagger22

MCMers predict whats gonna go down on Sunday

I missed you
I missed you
Tom Szczerbowski

Week 8 in the house. Time for our first of what should be many showdowns with Andrew Luck. Hopefully we send him back to Indy 0-1 vs the Titans.

Dagger22 figured out how to work his email this week and starts us off!

Dagger22 (2-3)

I'd like to thank the contributers for allowing me to make a prediction for this weeks PFTC. This upcoming game against the Colts has me unsure of which Titans team shows up. On one hand, it's a divisional opponent and we are at home but on the other hand our defense has been atrocious. With Locker out again, I have to ask how much more can Hass do after pulling out two straight miracle drives on the last offensive possession to give us a late lead or win the game. With Roos uncertain because of an appendectomy, Otto will be starting. Nonetheless, the line is going to need to continue its improved play if the titans want to establish the run. On top of all of that, the defense can not allow Luck to have time in the pocket or for him to run as he has shown that ability. Having McCarthy back should help. I'm going to actually pick the Titans here despite the injuries and the defense's horrendous play. It'll be a tight one folks.

Titans 27 - Colts 24

Big Ol Tuna (4-3)

The Titans are on a roll!!!! The Colts are better than I thought they would be, but they are still pretty bad on defense. The Titans defense is going to give up some points, but the offense is going to score more!

Titans 34 - Colts 27

GMoney (4-3)

WE'RE GOING (win) STREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Let's make it three in a row. I am hoping the defense can keep Luck to Wayne at bay enough for us to come out ahead. How in the world did we lose to the Vikings?

Titans 29 - Colts 24

SuperHorn™ (3-4)

Titans continue to roll. CJ goes for another huge day against a terrible run defense. Kenny Britt breaks out (I figure if I say it enough, it's bound to happen at some point, right?). Defensively, I think we do enough to keep this game out of reach for the Colts for most of the game.

Titans 31 - Colts 17

TitansDrummer (3-4) ed. note: this reminds me that the halftime entertainment Sunday will be The Aristocrat of Bands from TSU. If you haven't seen need to!

Well, this game scares me too. Andrew Luck has looked pretty sharp for a rookie. This game will require J-Mac and ATV to be on the top of their game to limit the rookie's options. Also the possible loss of Michael Roos could allow Freeney and Mathis to have a good game. But I'm feeling pretty good since this is at home. LWSS.

Titans 27 - Colts 20

Danada (2-5)

The Colts defense is vulnerable and Hasselbeck should be able to put enough points on the board to win this game. If we had even an average defense, we could win this game easily, but sadly this is going to be a lot closer than people think. Andrew Luck should have a good outing. I wonder if we worked on tackling drills this week.

Titans 33 - Colts 30

LavelleJonne (1-3)

Well after winning my first prediction of the year, I'm gonna ride this wave. With hasselbeck starting again, look for CJ and the rejuvenated online provide some big plays in route to another 100+ yard game. The neck beard will remember his first day at LP Field as he gets sacked twice and throws an interception to ATV. Titans win this one fairly easy.

Titans 28 - Colts 10

South Of The Border Daniel (0-4)

I don't buy the Colts offense. unfortunately, I don't buy our defense either, I think Andrew Luck might be about to show a lot of people why he was the most hyped QB in forever.

Fortunately I don't think it's going to matter that much, Chris Johnson might decide to pop off on a bad defense again which would be great, with Matt starting I don't expect a whole lot in the vertical passing attack, let the short game win this one and pray for turnovers.
Titans 31 - Colts 23
PittsburghSmash (0-2)

Titans have a winning record when I don't give a prediction so...