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Titans vs. Bills: The Penalties

Breaking down the penalties the Titans committed against the Buffalo Bills.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

The first time I did this exercise was after the Houston game when the Titans were called for 7 penalties for 73 yards. That was pretty miserable. This week was much better. The Titans were only called for 3 penalties for 25 yards. Here is what they were.

The first penalty of the game was called on Derrick Morgan for jumping offsides.


That is what we call a no-doubter.

The second penalty was a bad call, in my opinion. Michael Griffin was called for unecessary roughness on this play:


I really don't know what Griffin is supposed to do here. It is the safeties job to separate the receiver from the ball without leading with his head or hitting the receiver in the head. You can see from this picture that this is clearly a shoulder to shoulder hit. I wasn't aware that those were illegal.

The third and final penalty was a delay of game.