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Weekly Titans Chat Presented By XFINITY

Rick Stewart

Today at 10:00 central it will be time once again for our weekly chat about anything and everything surrounding the Titans. In the mean time, here is an interesting article Nate Dunlevy wrote about Chris Johnson running against the Colts defense. The last picture in that post is truly remarkable. Gramsey could have gotten 8 yards there.

Hopefully CJ will make the proper adjustments to have success in this game. He has never had a lot of success against bad Colts defenses, but this is a different scheme. So that is good news. The bad news is that the Colts are running a scheme similar to the Patriots and Chargers. CJ was terrible against them earlier this season.

However, the Indianapolis personnel is not as good as the personnel on either of those teams. That is a lot to think about right there.

Anyway, stop back at 10 and we can chat.