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Jimmy's Week 8 NFL Picks

Week 8 NFL picks against the spread you can take to the bank.

Rick Stewart

I left my updated record for the year in my office at work, but week 7 was the first week this year that I was over .500. I knew I had a really good feeling about those picks! I can only assume that week 7 will be the week that starts my run to get me over .500 for the season.

Since I didn't get to this post before the Thursday night game started, I tweeted that I was taking Tampa Bay +5 1/2. That was a fantastic pick by me and a great start to what will be an undefeated week.

Carolina @ Chicago -9

San Diego -2 1/2 @ Cleveland

Seattle @ Detroit -1

Jacksonville @ Green Bay -16

Miami +1 @ NY Jets

Atlanta +2 1/2 @ Philadelphia

Washington +4 1/2 @ Pittsburgh

New England -7 1/2 @ St. Louis

Indianapolis @ Tennessee -3 1/2

Oakland +1 @ Kansas City

NY Giants -1 @ Dallas

New Orleans +7 @ Denver

San Francisco -7 @ Arizona