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Mike Munchak: Jake Locker Will Not Play Sunday

It appears that Jake Locker will indeed miss Sunday's game against the Colts.

Frederick Breedon

Mike Munchak said at his press conference on Monday that he expected Matt Hasselbeck to start this weekend when the Colts come to LP Field. It was the first time since Jake Locker re-injured his shoulder that he had not declared Locker out at the Monday press conference.

That led to speculation that maybe Munchak was just deploying some gamesmanship while expecting Locker to be healthy enough to play and start against the Colts on Sunday. August and Dan were convinced on MCM Radio last night that this was the case.

Well Jim Wyatt just tweeted that Munchak said that Jake Locker won't play on Sunday. Of course that is not the official declaration of out that won't come until the final injury report on Friday, but that seems pretty set in stone to me. You don't see many guys play these days after a coach said they wouldn't after a Wednesday practice.