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Last Night's MCM Radio

MCM Radio breaks down Colts vs. Titans.

Grant Halverson

Last night Dan, August and I recorded another stellar episode of MCM Radio. We spent the first few minutes talking about the quarterback situation with the Titans. Dan and August are convinced that Mike Munchak saying Matt Hasselbeck will more than likely start this week is just gamesmanship. I think that it means that Hasselbeck is going to start this week.

We were also joined by mgrex who broke down the Colts season to this point for us. He says that he is not surprised that they come into this game 3-3. I was surprised to hear that.

Then we took our weekly call from noles and once again he let us down by having his computer turned up in the background. He might need to go on suspension.

Anyway, give it a listen. We would also invite more people to get call in next week because that has become one of the more exciting parts of the show.

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