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Kamerion Wimbley's Sack and Forced Fumble GIF'd

A closer look at Wimbley's game-changing play against the Bills.

Rick Stewart


I love the move that Kamerion Wimbley uses there. There might be an official name for it, but I like to call in the run and duck. You can clearly see here how quickly Wimbley can fire off the ball, and tackles that are slower are at a huge disadvantage facing him.

Wimbley hasn't put up the sack numbers that most of us were hoping he would, but he has been a solid addition to this team. He has been in the backfield a lot and stays on the field. That might sound like an everybody gets a trophy thing there, but it is actually really important for this team because of how thin they are at defensive end. They really only have 2 NFL quality ends on the roster. It really helps that both of them are durable.

Hopefully the Titans will be able to add another rush end this offseason and actually have a quality pass rush next season.