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Chris Johnson's First Touchdown Run Against the Bills GIF'd

CJ got a lot of help from the offensive line on his long touchdown run, but this one was pretty much all him.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE


While I gave a lot of credit to the offensive line for Chris Johnson's second touchdown run, the credit for the first run goes primarily to CJ. He makes one really good cut, bounces it outside and then wins the foot race to the end zone. There was some good blocking, but he makes this play happen. Those are the types of runs that we saw from him on a weekly basis in the first three years of his career.

Again, you have to consider the competition, but CJ wasn't running the ball like this early in the season. It looks like he has regained his confidence, and that is more important to a running back than most people realize. A running back that isn't confident is indecisive, and an indecisive running back is ineffective in the NFL.