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Matt Hasselbeck Expected to Start Against the Colts

Munchak say it will be Matt Hasselbeck again this week.

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

Mike Munchak said this afternoon at his press conference this afternoon he expects Matt Hasselbeck to get his fourth straight start this Sunday when the Titans take on the Colts. Jake Locker had another MRI on his shoulder today, and Munchak said there would have to be "significant" improvement for Locker to be able to play this week.

The Titans are clearly slow playing bringing Locker back from this injury. Munchak did say there is no scenario where they would shut Locker down for the year at this point, but is it beyond the realm of possibilities that they would hold him out until after the week 11 bye?

When he first got hurt I would have said that was crazy, but now it doesn't seem that far fetched. It would also be interesting to see how they would play this if the team wasn't winning. While I want to see Locker back out there, I am glad that is not what we are looking at right now.