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CJ2K Returns as Titans Win 2nd Straight Game

In typical Titans/Bills fashion, it was a nail-biter.

Tom Szczerbowski

Let me start this recap off by saying, Chris Johnson needs to pretend he's playing the Bills every week. Johnson looked great showing that burst we all remember. He hit the hole hard and was decisive in his cuts. This coupled with stellar protection from the offensive line helped Johnson have one of his best career days in route to 195 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Matt Hasselbeck once again got the nod as the team rested Locker for the third week in a row. While he did not make many mistakes or bad throws, it's obvious the offense is limited with him under center. In terms of reading the defense there are not many guys in the league better than Matt and he can make great throws within 20 yards. But it was evident on all the down field passes that he has lost his arm strength and accuracy as he overthrew a wide open Kenny Britt and nearly getting intercepted on a throw to a diving Nate Washington. Hasselbeck is a west-coast quarterback and is pretty much built to thrive in a fast paced-paced quick throw offense. Nevertheless, he was rock solid and made a great throw late in the game to give us the lead and ultimately, the win.

On the defensive side of the ball, I wish there were more positives, but this was one of the worst games I've ever seen defensively.

I don't want to harp too much on the horrible tackling, as that has been an issue for weeks, but I do have a myriad of other issues. Up front, our front 4 got much better pressure today. Kamerion Wimbley definitely has been a force for us despite a lack of sacks and he came up big on a strip fumble that was recovered by the improving Derrick Morgan. Meanwhile Jason McCourty once again came up with a big interception.

With Colin McCarthy out , our linebackers looked lost out there. Especially when Zac Diles went out with an ankle injury caused while trying to coral C.J. Spiller.

Speaking of Spiller, he and Fred Jackson ran all over our defense. I predicted that neither back would rush for more than 50 yards. Well I was proved wrong as Spiller and Jackson ran for 70 and 71 yards respectively.

We've pretty much known this for weeks now, this team is built to put up a lot of points and keep up with some of the best in the league and with Jake Locker possibly returning next week vs. Indianapolis, w will need a big performance as our defense is the weak link of this team. Regardless of our issues, the team stepped up and made plays when it mattered to give us the W and put us at 3-4. We are right in the thick of the playoff race and with a healthy locker, are far from out.