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Should the Titans Stick with Matt Hasselbeck?

A month ago Jake Locker was the easy choice for the Titans at quarterback. Is the same true now?

Rick Stewart

I have been a Jake Locker guy since the Atlanta Falcons game last season. That was the game where Matt Hasselbeck had to leave with an elbow injury. He came back the next week, but it was obvious that his arm strength was not where it needed to be. It seemed like the offense would be in much better hands with Locker.

This year in camp they opened the competition, and I was hoping as much as anyone that Locker would win the job. We kept hearing about a vertical offense, and it was clear that Locker was a much better fit for that system.

The Titans gave Locker the job, but something strange happened- the offense wasn't any more vertical with him under center than it was with Hasselbeck.

With that being the case, the team is better off with Hasselbeck under center. Again, I have been a Locker guy from the start, but if they are going to play the system they are playing right now, it makes more sense for Hasselbeck to be out there. He has a better understanding of where to go with the football, and he is a little bit more accurate. That last part is very important when you are talking about moving the ball with a short passing game.

Let me be clear- If Chris Palmer wants to run the vertical passing offense that we heard about all offseason, Jake Locker is absolutely the guy, but that hasn't been the case through seven games this season. The offense the Titans are currently running is better suited for Matt Hasselbeck.

Also, keep in mind that there isn't a bad choice here. Either way the Titans are in good hands at quarterback. We can disagree on who the guy should be, but there really isn't a wrong answer.