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Titans vs. Bills: Three Things to Watch on Offense

Al Messerschmidt
Matt Hasselbeck -

Jake Locker is out for the third straight week with a shoulder injury and Matt Hasselbeck will start again this week. Honestly, I have zero problems with this at the moment.

The team looked prepared last weekend and Hasselbeck had full command of the offense. I'm looking for that trend to continue after having ten days to prepare for The Bills.

Don't discount the Hasselbeck/Kenny Britt relationship, Britt is taking steps forward as far as his development in Palmer's offensive system, and it is important not to have a revolving door at quarterback (sorry Jake, just my opinion) if the Titans win this game and start to go on a streak (especially if Britt gets hot). I think you have to go with Hasselbeck until we start to suck again. Hate me all you want....

CJ and Oline -

Chris Johnson has shown significant improvement the last two weeks. I don't know who the credit should go to but the play calls have improved as well as the offensive line play.

The entire team looked energized by the fact that they were playing Pittsburgh and almost everyone played well for the most part- even ole Leroy Harris didn't get completely manhandled most of the time.

Buffalo has a horrid run defense.....I'm pretty sure they are worst in the league. I shouldn't say this but the run game *cringe* should have a big day. Don't hold your breath though.

Kenny Britt -

The Danomite/Kenny Britt love fest has blossomed yet again. Britt is a week or so away from having a HUGE game....we may have to wait until Indy's crappy defense comes to town but Kenny should take another step forward against The Bills.

The coaching staff made it a point last week to show Kenny a lot of balls (lol) and eventually he came through when we needed him most. This guy is not a wash (Noles) and his contributions will do nothing but stack this offense with more firepower going forward if he continues to make positive strides.