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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings and Your Tennessee Titans

A couple of wins sure would make this exercise more fun.

Bob Levey - Getty Images

Here is your weekly look at where the Titans rank in the various Week 5 NFL power rankings from around the internet:

SB Nation has the Titans 25th:

Chris Johnson blew up for 141 yards. Titans lose by 24. Kinda says it all there.

That doesn't really say it all. What says it all is that 17 of those 24 points were given up by the offense.

Pete Prisco, who is a HUGE Titans' fan, has them ranked 23rd:

Matt Hasselebeck will start for the injured Jake Locker, but the bigger issues are on the defensive side. They can't stop anybody.

They have issues everywhere. Thanks, Pete.

Brian Billick ranks the Titans 25th, and has some stupid commentary to go along with it:

I understand why the Titans handed over the reins to Jake Locker, but I'm not sure they aren't better off with Matt Hasselbeck under center. Locker's injury may become a blessing in disguise that helps turn the Titans' season around.

Right, Brian, because Hasselbeck really lit a fire under the offense when he came in on Sunday.

PFT continues the idiotic commentary after ranking the Titans 24th:

Losing Jake Locker for a few weeks could help the guy who lost his job to Locker win it back.

Again, Hasselbeck sure did make the coaching staff look like a bunch of idiots for choosing Locker over him- or not at all.

ESPN has the Titans 25th:

Chris Johnson is offering hope he is getting back to his old form.

That makes more sense than the prior two comments.