Week 7: Who to Root For

We have arrived upon the point of the season where it is appropriate to begin looking at all the other games across the league, and considering what outcomes would best benefit our Titans.

A loss last week makes this all irrelevant; but I will attempt to break down the games this week, and suggest who we should root for, on the basis of which outcome gives us the best chance at the playoffs.

SEA vs. SF - Already been played, and totally irrelevant. Both respectable teams.

TEN vs. BUF - Obviously, the Titans need to take care of business.

DAL vs. CAR - Again, irrelevant, as we neither play nor compete against either team. I really hate both of these teams, too.

BAL vs. HOU - Ideally, this one is a tie. It is really impossible to say whether there is a better chance of us competing with HOU for the division or with BAL for a wild card spot. What is nice, however, is when either of these teams lose. And one will lose Sunday.

CLE vs. IND - Indy looks pesky this year, so hopefully Cleveland can pull off the upset. Cleveland is right behind us, but they are not a threat to make the playoffs.

ARI vs. MIN - Pretty irrelevant, but a win from MIN boosts our strength of schedule, as we do not play ARI.

WAS vs. NYG - Totally irrelevant.

GB vs. STL - We play GB later on, so a win boosts our SOS. Also, it will be nice to see Rams fans deal with a mediocre team over the coming years. I am glad GB is down from last year (maybe not any more), but it is best for us if they win.

NO vs. TB - The game is irrelevant, but I'm rooting for Tampa because New Orleans employs a bunch of scumbags.

NYJ vs. NE - This is another tough one. The AFC East is dead even, with every team at 3-3. I am 85% confident that the Pats pull it out, so that would mean that the Jets would be our wild card competition, if that scenario plays out. No matter the outcome, this game gives us the opportunity to make up ground on one of these two teams. I'm pulling for a tie, but in the case that doesn't happen, I'll root for the Pats in a close one.

JAC vs. OAK - Nothing to see here. Move along.

PIT vs. CIN - This semiannual matchup pits a serial rapist against a ginger and his cast of criminals. I hate to EVER root for the Steelers, but a win over CIN provides us the opportunity to make up some ground on yet another competitor.

DET vs. CHI - Another fairly irrelevant game. We beat DET, so a win from them makes that win a little more valuable. But we also get the opportunity to play CHI, so either way this game goes should not mean much if we take care of our business.

So there we have the week's schedule and its implications for our Titans. Lots of opportunity for advancement, if we can handle Buffalo. If not, April 25 is always right around the corner.