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The Titans Found a Spark

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

Thursdays upset win over the Steelers was the kind of victory that can turn around a season- or so we hope. Not because of one players performance, and not because we got lucky, but because this team played a complete game and showed the type of skill they are capable of.

Over the past few years, or should I say the last 6 years, we've dealt with a merry-go-round at the quarterback position, and the fate of our season pretty much rested on one player. Kerry Collins to Vince Young, Vince Young to Kerry Collins, Hasselbeck to Locker, RUSTY!! On Thursday we saw sparks provided on both sides of the football. On offense, we saw Matt Hasselbeck play well, Chris Johnson run hard, the offensive line hold up and all of our receivers make plays. On defense, we saw a rookie Mike Martin breakout, Jason McCourty step up, and Michael Griffin not mess up TOO much. This is how a team becomes successful.

No mistakes is an easy way to win a game, but how you respond to mistakes made is what sets apart great teams from bad ones.

After giving up three touchdowns against a backup tight end in San Diego, this team fell flat on it's face and had no response. The result was a double digit blowout. In Houston, after a pick 6 was thrown, they responded with more missed tackles and bad play on both sides of the ball. On Thursday, after giving up a touchdown to Mike Wallace, Jason McCourty responded with his home spark- an interception deep in our territory. After throwing a costly interception, Hasselbeck responded with a late game touchdown pass to Kenny Britt in route to a 290 yard outing.

These are the plays a great team makes and the type of plays that change games. The Titans at 2-4 are now entering a stretch where they must have wide eyes as we prepare a playoff push. The resistance is not as daunting and the talent on the team is as high as I've seen in years. With no one batting an eye at this squad, it's up to each player to play to their potential and avoid a relapse to our poor player early in the season. A spark must be provided by 53 guys doing their jobs, instead of one player attempting to carry a team.