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Steelers vs. Titans: Tim Shaw's Punt Block GIF'd

Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

We have talked about this a lot this year, but the special teams have easily been the best part of the Titans team this season. The game against the Steelers was no exception. Tim Shaw changed the game when he blocked a Steelers punt and set up a Jamie Harper 1-yard touchdown run:


It is so important to get big plays like this when your team is struggling on both sides of the ball. The design on this block is pretty simple. It is basically just a stunt like you would run on defense. The upback slides inside a step to pick up a guy that is coming straight up the middle. Shaw's blocker then slides out to pick up the same guy the upback is trying to block leaving Shaw free.

Alan Lowry deserves a raise after the season is over.

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