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Steelers- 23, Titans- WHAT?! 26

Du wut?! Titans pull out a great win against the 2-2 Steelers to move momentum to their side with a long week until the next game against the Bills. Here are my thoughts.

Al Messerschmidt - Getty Images


  • Hasselbeck made some really bad decisions, but damn, who cares?! He led us to our first win against the Steelers since the years of MMIIX!!!!! Thank you, Matt. Thank you.

  • Chris Johnson was not a playmaker, but he was an extremely solid running back. Besides a few bad cut attempts and the run stop before the Jamie Harper "TD", he ran the ball very well. He hit most of the holes and picked up the holes that the offensive line gave him.
  • Jamie Harper needs to be cut. He is not a power back. He got lucky on the touchdown.
  • Pass blocking was so much better.'
  • Leroy Harris is inconsistent. Some really good blocks, then some really bad blocks and a penalty (Shock!)
  • Jared Cook was great whenever he was thrown to. He was very reliable.
  • Kenny Britt is a headache. I will pull out my very short hair by the end of the season because of his drops and his catches. Please. Be. Consistent.
  • I love Nate Washington. He's just awesome.
  • Speaking of awesome receivers: Kendall Wright!!!!
  • Matt Hasselbeck loves throwing to Craig Stevens, even when he's not open.
  • Lavelle Hawkins was inactive again... why did we pay him?

  • Derrick Morgan stepping up. Thank you sir. Please prove me wrong some more.
  • Jurrell Casey is awesome.
  • Kam Wimbley was pretty solid.
  • Mike Martin- HELLO! What a great game by the rookie. He made some great plays and was screwed by Brady's "tuck rule."
  • Akeem Ayers is the Kenny Britt of defense: Great plays with dumb plays. He will give me a heart attack too.
  • Colin McCarthy looked better this week, but not completely like the #52 that we know and love.
  • Zach Brown was not bad. He made a few good plays.
  • ATV was pretty solid, but could have made a few better tackles; nevertheless, he made a few good plays.
  • Speaking of tackles, Michael Griffin was still a liability.
  • Speaking of liabilities, Mouton is the definition. He got lucky on an incomplete pass to a Steelers receiver that he left WIDE open after his PI call in the end zone.
  • J-Mac is aggravating. I am a huge fan of his, but he had some issues covering tonight, BUT he had a great interception on Ben.
  • Jordan Babineaux was not "Big Play Babs" tonight. But he wasn't a liability.
Special Teams

  • Robby B almost missed a short shot that could have been a bad omen early on, but he proved to be great as usual with his winning FG with 4 seconds left.
  • Brett Kern has been wonderful.
  • The coverage team needs to cover better. Returners had too many opportunities.
  • Darius Reynaud was very consistent, getting past the 20 almost every return.
  • Tim Shaw was brought into Tennessee in 2010 to be a special teams ace. Guess what guys: PUNT BLOCK!!! I love Tim Shaw.
Final Thoughts

  • We got really lucky that they had so many injuries. But hey! We didn't have our quarterback in. Injuries happen!
  • If CJ can run like this all season, trusting his lineman and hitting whatever holes they give him, he will have a good season. He has to stop trying for the touchdown. Go for the first down.
  • I'm really glad we have the weekend off for Britt, C-Mac, and anyone else to rest.
  • We play the Bills next week. Momentum is on our side, and we should be able to pull out a win.