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Kenny Britt Feels Like a Lion Today; Titans Need Him to Be One

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

Mike Mayock allegedly said that the Tennessee Titans have as good of skill players as any team in the league. That might possibly be true if everyone is healthy at the same time, something that has yet to happen this season. Kenny Britt is one of those guys that hasn't been healthy so far this season, but all of the reports this week are that he is healthier than he has been this season. He has said that himself.

Well a little bit ago he tweeted "How I am feeling right about now" and there was a picture of two lions. Could tonight finally be the night that Britt proves that he is completely healthy? Let's hope so because this team is going to need all hands on deck if they are going to do anything against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense tonight.

Here is to hoping that Chris Palmer has some things drawn up to get the ball in Britt and Jared Cook's hands early in the game tonight to get Matt Hasselbeck in a rhythm.