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Week 6: Predictions From The Contributors and Thebregg

Contributors to Music City Miracles predict Titans vs Steelers

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

Tuna is off his high horse! Thanks GloomyGrams! You're welcome MCM!

Glad I have something to be happy about.

Our resident belligerent optimist gets his M.O. tested this week. Start us off bregg.....

Thebregg (1-3)

If the casual NFL fan would have predicted Titans being 1-4 going into the Pittsburgh game I would be contradicting myself if I don’t admit that I would have been calling BS. With Locker out McCarthy absent for the majority of the first quarter and Britt, pretty much being Britt there’re ample reasons for criticism and plenty of blame to go around. With the season on the brink of fail, look who shows up on our doorstep attempting to hammer in the last nail in the coffin to our season, the freakin Pittsburgh Steelers. OH we’re not done yet, not like this! I refuse to lie down and take it from the Steelers. I was honestly thinking about staying in on Thursday but not anymore. I’m dropping pay checks, chugging beers, and stomping on towels this Thursday. If the Titans show up and play like their season depends on it, (because it does) then we have a hell of a chance to pull out a win. I know what Locker is made of; let’s see if the rest of the team has what it takes to WSS.

Titans 10 - Steelers 9

GlorifiedGrams (3-2)

At least I am winning the picking contest. yay me. My favorite team, however, seems to be getting worse. I am afraid it will stay that way as long as the old man is quarterbacking. So I am driving to Nashville tomorrow for the apparent bloodletting. I have never been so maah about going to LP Field. I am really not looking forward to it. I will, however, be in my seat, wearing my throwback #9 and cheering my Titans. Let's hope they give me something to cheer about.

Steelers 38 - Titans 10

Used-to-be Picks Tuna (3-2)

The Steelers are a pretty good team. I don't know how you make an argument for the Titans not being the worst team in the league right now. That is a recipe for disaster. LGUSP!! (Let's Give Up Some Points)

Steelers 35 - Titans 8

Canada Daniel (2-3)

The only question remaining for this game is how quickly it goes from bad to ugly. Being the prime time game in front of a large audience, I'm hoping we can keep it close for at least a half. At this point even that might be asking too much. Look for the Steelers passing attack to destroy us and their defense to play a near-perfect game. Get the vomit bags ready.

Steelers 34 - Titans 7

ShouldbeTitansoffensivecoordinatorHorn (2-3)

Titans lose. Steelers are too strong up front. This one could get ugly.

Steelers 24 - Titans 13

KGD (2-3)

Meh. Really don't feel good about this one. James Harrison is back, so I worry that Hasselbeck or someone may get injured. Big Ben is having a good season, so he will tear up the secondary. Not gonna be fun.

Steelers 37 - Titans 7