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Mike Florio Thinks the Cardinals Should Trade for Chris Johnson

Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

So I am looking through my Twitter feed this morning, and tweet from PFT pops up that says "The Cardinals Should Trade for Chris Johnson." My first response was to laugh, and my second response was "yes, please." Then I realized that this is the NFL, CJ has the most ridiculous contract in history, and there was no way that was actually going to happen.

Look, the premise behind what Florio is saying isn't terrible. The Cardinals are a surprise team that has lost their top two running backs, and the Titans couldn't be more disgusted with CJ and the running game, but there is no way in heck this deal could get pulled off. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Blockbuster trades like this do not happen in the NFL
  2. CJ is averaging 3 feet per carry on the season and is making $8 million in base salary this year. Even an 11 game rental would put the Cardinals on the hook for $5.5 million.
  3. Also, if the Cardinals were to cut him at the end of the season, they would assume the dead money against the cap for his prorated signing bonus.*

This would be a perfect deal in Major League Baseball, but the cost of doing this particular deal for Arizona would be really high. That being said, Dear Arizona, please send us something for CJ.

*I am 95% sure.