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Jared Cook Wants to Be More Involved in the Offense

Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Jared Cook was on the Midday 180 yesterday and said more in a seven second pause than most players say in an entire interview. One of the hosts of the show, Chad Withrow, asked Cook if there was any dialogue with the coaches about his role in the offense. Cook paused for seven seconds and Paul Kuharsky stepped in with an "we'll take that as a no" to end the silence.

To Cook's credit, he stammered around and said that saying anything else would be throwing someone under the bus. I respect the fact that he wants to keep that stuff in the locker room.

Go listen to the interview. It is really good, and it was really good to hear a player from this team who is clearly frustrated with how this season is going. I am sure there are plenty of those guys in the locker room, but they don't come across that way sometimes.

I have watched a little bit of the all-22 film from the game on Sunday, and there are plenty of plays where Cook is open down the field. I think the biggest problem is that Matt Hasselbeck doesn't have enough confidence in his arm to get the ball down the field to him. I could be completely wrong there, but there is not other reasonable explanation for why he wouldn't have thrown him the ball.

If the Titans are going to turn this season around, Cook is going to need to become a focal point of this offense. Chris Palmer needs to be looking for ways to get him involved in the game early and often. Thursday seems like the perfect time to start.