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Jake Locker MRI Shows No Structural Damage

Bob Levey - Getty Images

Yesterday Jim Wyatt tweeted that the Titans feared Jake Locker's shoulder injury was going to be severe this time. Mike Munchak just got done with his weekly Monday press conference, and he announced that Locker's MRI did not show any structural damage. That, obviously, is extremely good news. In fact, he said this MRI looked almost exactly like the MRI after the week one injury.

Munch said that Locker is sore and will be day to day. Obviously the concern here is that rushing Locker back could make him more susceptible to another shoulder injury in the future, but my guess is that Locker will do anything in his power to be on the field this Sunday in Minnesota.

Look for Locker to be extremely limited in practice on Wednesday but ramp it up as the week goes along. We saw what this offense looks like with Matt Hasselbeck at the helm, and it isn't pretty.